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Female Libra with Male Taurus - 05 Aug 2016his born on the 14th of mayFemale Aries with Female Aquarius - 13 Jul 2014dFemale Aquarius with Male Capricorn - 16 Nov 2013goodFemale Gemini with Male Taurus - 16 Nov 2013goodFemale Aquarius with Male Taurus - 16 Nov 2013Awesome union of a lifetimeFemale Aries with Male Aquarius - 13 Jun 2012There is a lot of love in our relationship, but he doesn t know how to show it sometimes, which leads to me getting angry. The relationship is stable, though.Female Scorpio with Male Aries - 29 Jan 2012It works because my ascendent is in aries. At times we really "get" each other. Lots of energy, lots of passion, lots of enthusiasm. It s intense!Female Sagittarius with Male Scorpio - 04 Dec 2011We both have some planets in Sagg/Scorpio (also it s SS cusp and Scorpio III)that balances everything out some. Passion is extremely high. Saggitarius should keep harmless flirtations in check because of Scorpio s strong jelousy. If Sagg is ready for a seriuos commitment and sees Scorpio has same morals/ideals this works really well for us. We have been together for over 3 years and it s been a love like no other. Fights have been less and less as time goes on. Understanding and compassion go a long way to make this work. Don t give up on eachother and your love will get stronger. At first I had trouble dealing with Scorpio s hiding truth. I think we both have come a long way to changing bit by bit for eachother while still maintaining our independent selves. Fire and Water can make some great steamy passion or some heated fights, but with underlying hearts who wish to make it work, the end result is the deepest bond you could ever imagine. Male Aquarius with Female Gemini - 07 Jul 2011We get along famously, but that hasn t always been the case with other female Geminis in the past...Female Aquarius with Male Gemini - 12 Nov 2010ohh i m soo happy with him..Female Aries with Male Leo - 11 Jul 2010He is a poor provider.Female Libra with Male Aquarius - 03 May 2010I don t know. I loves her. She has never told me that she loves me. But i love her alotFemale Cancer with Female Gemini - 23 Apr 2010Cancers tend to be a little introverted. I m not prone to constant acts of affection. Female geminis can take this as a sign of rejection and will mope and have tantrums. It is very frustrating at times but when we need to be connected and on the same page it s instantanious. Male Pisces with Female Pisces - 16 Feb 2010Made in heavenMale Aquarius with Female Libra - 14 Feb 2010LIBRA=. Always with a smile. AQUARIUS=. Always positive Male Aquarius with Female Libra - 14 Feb 2010We are like fine wine, Female Libra with Male Scorpio - 04 Jan 2010Scorpio male is over bearing and cruel but has potential hurried away deep insideFemale Gemini with Male Aquarius - 31 Dec 2009he s 20, i m 43. its fun & secret.Female Scorpio with Male Leo - 29 Nov 2009very steaming and passionate. Other than some power struggles this combination is good. As long as communication is honest and productive this match can reach true love.Male Gemini with Female Gemini - 29 Nov 2009We are perfect. I would have rate 4.8. But floating number is not supported.Female Virgo with Male Gemini - 10 Nov 2009I am unhappy in this relationship.Female Capricorn with Male Libra - 27 Oct 2009I am 1 year and 2 months younger than him. Been dating a month but its like ive known him forever. Pure crazyness.Male Leo with Female Virgo - 09 Oct 2009She keeps me out of trouble. I can be moody, but her passive nature makes all my moaning just roll off of her.I offer her personal security that she is beautiful, and comfort her when she needs affection.Male Libra with Female Aquarius - 22 Sep 2009Most perfect Relationship ever!Female Virgo with Male Libra - 22 Sep 2009Is he the right man Female Virgo with Male Leo - 04 Sep 2009I am over-sensitive and hyper-critical at times, but extremely caring and loving. He can be fiery, prone to temper tantrums and insensitive to my needs. But he is also very emapthetic at heart and funny and warm. We often have conflict because of my passive nature and his at times dominnering tendencies. We have been together for nearly 11 years but we do not know what the future holds....Female Aquarius with Male Gemini - 16 Aug 2009Libra and Gemini do more better than this combination. Female Libra with Male Gemini - 16 Aug 2009its fun loving and exciting!!!Female Scorpio with Male Aries - 13 Aug 2009Playfulness of Aries is originated only in selfishness. No supportive shoulder in case of need.Female Leo with Male Sagittarius - 13 Aug 2009I have been with my husband for 11yr. Been married for 9yr. and were still going strong. I love my hubby!!!!Female Capricorn with Male Gemini - 22 Jul 2009I have been together with my Gemini love for about seven or eight months now, and despite some slight tensions, I think we get along rather well. You see, with me, I worry a lot about where our relationship is going, and I think I freak him out a little when I get extremely emotional. He says it s all right, though, and due to his ability to adapt, he doesn t mind it too much. He can seem a bit cold sometimes, but that s just his way, and I can feel (with Pisces and Aquarian influences) that he loves me. He was also born with Venus present in Cancer at the time of his birth, which, surprisingly, makes this Gemini hardly the flirty type, which does make me a feel a little bit more secure in this relationship. He does have a tendency to look at pronography, however, but hey, as long as he s not running off with any of the women he watches do erotic things to each other, I m perfectly fine with it. He s a man after all, and what male doesn t look at pronography? I also leave him a lot of Male Pisces with Female Leo - 15 Jul 2009Didnt know how to rate it so I rated it "average". Been together for 2.5 years. We broke up. The relationship was very intense, in a good and bad way. There was no middle. It was either the best thing or the worst. Communication was the problem. The love, the sex, the romance, adventures were great or even excellent. Leo s inability to understand Pisces point of view and vice versa. Leo would argue over the littlest things and try to make Pisces believe her views. In the end we re not together anymore, but still love each other like crazy. We can t see each other though since if we do we ll end up back together and back to the same old.... sigh... :(Male Scorpio with Female Gemini - 12 Jul 2009This relationship was difficult. The sexuality reeled both of us into it but she is unable to merge with me in the watery way that I seek, and she cannot understand my emotional nature. She is ignorant of it and when I communicate it to her she would not be able to comfort me. Here gemini dual nature confuses me as well. She is caring one second and then draws boundaries or creates ultimatums the next. It was difficult; now it s over. I ve learned my lesson about the danger of becoming involved on the basis of sexuality alone. Female Aquarius with Male Gemini - 08 Jul 2009Exciting. Never a bore! He s a bit moody sometimes. Female Virgo with Male Leo - 06 Jul 2009My leo is loving but can be arrogant. But I can be negative and nit-picky. The key is understanding our traits and each others to have a great relationshipFemale Leo with Male Capricorn - 06 Jun 2009We both share Libra Moon and both have Saturn in the 7th house. This is the absolute best relationship I ve been in, in my life. It s uncanny how we think alike on so many things, especially in regards to fidelity in relationships. We balance each other sunny personality adds some spice to him being so serious. I never knew Capricorn men could be so romantic..he write me poetry and everything!Female Libra with Male Aries - 22 May 2009This is a very hard relationship. It was good at the beginning then it got explosive.Female Taurus with Male Cancer - 22 May 2009I don t believe I could have found anyone with as many of the same values as I have- our kids, our history together, money, etc. Definitely not the most passionate relationship I ve ever been in, but there s more trust and honesty then any other too. Barring outside experiences (he went away to war for a year and it really changed a lot of the things I loved most about him- his patience, his compassion, his openess -he has a Taurus Moon, which I think helps balance out some of the Cancer wishy-washy.) I think this is an extremely good pairing in generalities. Male Gemini with Female Scorpio - 20 May 2009I have been married for 15 years as of 5/28/09, and with her for almost 18. We get along great and continue to grow as individuals and as a couple.Female Scorpio with Male Leo - 16 May 2009highly difficult combination - everything I have read regarding the turmoils of this relationship apply to us.Male Sagittarius with Female Taurus - 14 May 2009Mutual love and understanding aswell there is longing to be together forever. Very supportive of each other.Female Sagittarius with Male Scorpio - 13 May 2009Our spiritual beliefs and life goals are extremely compatible, and we both have traits that compliment the others. We communicate openly, deeply and intuitively. Our fights are firey, but our love is strong. Male Cancer with Female Scorpio - 10 May 2009Excellent and pretty intense relationship. Incredible sex. Rare fights and disagreements.Female Scorpio with Male Libra - 06 May 200990% Terriffic, bordering on perfection. In sync with eachothers feelings and sense of humor. Passionate, loving, caring, understanding. But when it is bad.... it is really, really bad.Female Cancer with Male Leo - 05 Apr 2009Conflictual, but lots of learning. Warm, fun, passionate, hurt feelings.